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If you’ve clicked the About Us on the menu bar, than you really must be interested in getting to know us, or you are just plain nosy. Either way, we love to talk about ourselves so let us make our introductions.


With a BA in Marketing from Texas A&M University (no we’re not all horse riding, beer drinking, rednecks) I always knew that I wanted to be in a creative industry. However, that first IT sales job really didn’t cut it for me(think “The Office” and swap out paper for toner). So I did what any post-collegiate graduate does when unsure of the future, I skipped the Starbucks phase and went straight on to applying for Law School.

While waiting to hear from schools I started working sales at Anthropologie and my life would never be the same. Being surrounded by an inspiring and creative environment made me realize that the law was not for me so instead I got into Interior Design and started breaking all the rules.

I live in Texas with my Nordic Viking husband Eric, (he’s 6’5”) and my little Shi Tzu Elle. People are always asking me for style advice so I decided to start charging for it, which helps pay for my shopping addiction!


As a little girl, I always knew I wanted to be a designer. I must of re-arranged my same furniture a thousand different ways – I moved a lot! I received my BS in Interior Design from University of Texas at Austin like any good Texan would. I went straight to work for an architectural firm in Tyler, TX designing both commercial and residential projects.

Being a growing firm, I got a lot of hands-on knowledge. Oh, and some time during college I got married. I am on a schedule so I had to fit it in. After working for five years, I decided it was time to have a baby. I had my precious baby boy and opened my own Interior design firm.

Fast forward twelve years and I’m still designing, helping my son with Algebra and trying to find the time to complete all my DIY projects that are stacking up in my garage!

Brandy is analytical, practical, creative, and a little anal-retentive ahem detail-oriented and Jessica is carefree, impulsive, and has an unlimited imagination. When the two are combined, we make the perfect, unstoppable team. Hence, Twine was born, it's what ties us together!

We believe in surrounding yourself with things that make you feel happy and at home, no matter how much your mother-in-law criticizes. It's our mission to help you have a home that celebrates your unique self and reflects your individual style.

*All of the Twine Room Designs are an expression of our creativity unleashed, but if you would like to see a portfolio of our past work, check out our Pinterest page.