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Diagram of how Twine works


Here's what you will get...

  1. 3D sketches of the room
  2. Floor plans, so you know where to put the furniture
  3. Wall elevations, so you know how high to hang the art/mirrors
  4. Design style sheets where we have creatively collaged all the objects to inspire you. These include paint colors and actual product images.
  5. DIY instructions for any projects or construction that might be needed.
  6. A detailed shopping guide for you to complete on your own time and budget.*

Click here to see a sample package!


All of our rooms have an extra element to create a unique space. These plans are much more than just a shopping guide. Don't be nervous, we include all the steps on how you can accomplish it. If you're not that handy, the projects can always be optional, or if you’re like me, hire someone.

* If starting with a completely empty room, each design can cost between $15,000-20,000. This price reflects a completed room from start to finish. If you have some of your own pieces of furniture to mix in and are willing to do some DIY projects it can cost much less. You can also substitute any items that have the same look as the ones we have specified so that each design can fit any budget. If you love everything we have picked, you can complete the design over a period of time. Remember these designs are meant to be inspiration and a plan to give your home style and design.